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New Bond film Skyfall is on! 

I was asked to produce a piece of art work from product designer back in Dec 2011. I was no special 007 film fan but was still excited. Art Department and Set Decoration section looked really cool with very creative, exciting ideas and designs!

It was for the Chinese bed room scene. He knew what he wants for the piece so it was not so hard for me to come up with some ideas. The character he wanted means ‘long happy life’. I added the popular poem on the sides. 

Hardest was the size. It was 1m square. I bought papers to try in London and also Kyoto, Japan. In the end what he loved was the best paper from shop in Kyoto. It was white, thick and very high quality. Took a week to finish. And I'm happy with the result.

007の最新作であり23作目の スカイフォール公開!



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