Calligraphy service in London and stone cutting in Cambridge. Creative and beautiful calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy and stone cutting.



日本で公開になりました映画 47 Ronin。
2011年の1月から7月末まで、イギリスのシェパートン撮影所で制作に関わりました。この仕事に関しては別のブログ で書いていますので、ご興味のある方は読んで下さい。


SLLA @ Fulham Palace

We all woke up really early to set up our exhibition at the second venue, Fulham Palace. It was crispy fine autum morning with plenty of sunshine. Such a lovely place this palace is!

朝早くに皆で起きて、SLLAの展示会、第二会場であるフラムパレスの設営です。9時前に着いたら、お天気は良くて、しゃっきりした空気。昔、Bishop of London の夏の住まいだった素敵な場所です。

We went into there at 9.30, and we've only got till 13.00. Paula and Sue were all hands on, deciding which one going where. We took the best wall for our Lindisfarne project, and watching the colour, materials - make sure we've got a good balance over all.


We had a brief tea break, kept on working till some people actually wondered in... that means its 13.00! We made ourselves sure that got all the labels, frames are straight... and looks really good in the end. What a fab four of us!
The exhibition ends on 2nd Nov.



Christie's window

I had a phone call from one of their specialist to make some Japanese writing. It was about Asobi / play, playfulness, and it is going to be on their catalogue front cover. And that happened during the period I was busy working for London Fashion Week. We did not have much time till they send everything to print, and I made several version of あそび and they chose one they liked.
Normally Christie's catalogue has a photograph of what they have for auction but this one has plain background, and quite big writing in this such a bold style. And I did not know at that point they are going to use it for everything...
It is on their window in this amazing size, on King Street, Mayfair and also Old Brompton Road in South Kensington. I have been to viewing of South Kensington, and on their every little labels, they printed my writing, too. It is a very simple writing but they used it quite effectively.
Japanese calligraphy is a completely different thing from Chinese calligraphy, and I am so happy to make it work in this way.


SLLA Annual Calligraphy Exhibition

First, Mulberry introduced LFW invitation for Instagram fans on this page. Featuring my writing :)

And our Annual exhibition will be open next Monday. We have bigger room at St Bride (they kindly offered us) and we've got lots more works. Good variety of all sorts of calligraphy, lettering, paper sculpture, and stone cutting. Stones from Rachel Gundry (from Somerset!), Pieces from professionals like PaulaRosella, too. Also earlier this year lots of us took part in Lindisfarne project. We have some roughs, copies of final pieces to show, too. 

We'll be there till 25th October, Monday-Friday, 11am to 5pm. 
And then move to Fulham Palace from 26th October where is our first venue to have exhibition there. 

This is part of exhibited piece, my painted alphabet pebbeles.


Had three weeks in Mulberry office to take part in their London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 catwalk show.

They designed and produced mini tea cup and saucer set with Wedgwood as a part of their invitation to the show. I, with a help of other Copperplate specialist scribed on the card, to be found on the top when the guests open the box. What a fabulous idea! In fact they look much more gorgeous when you see the actual thing...

Their fantastic design team set the whole theme as  ‘Britishness’. Let's have a tea party! And all the stationeries have stately mansion printed on front as the host venue.
Nice grey, perfect with white ink.

On the day, the front of the catwalk show venue was covered with British Garden flowers, carpet was all green turf with millions of little daisies scattered around.
There were lots of afternoon tea cake and mini-sandwich trays,
stage was also green with white flowers. Fantastic.

I saw many people involved and they were sooooo hard working. Creative, having fun and be good at what they do. I'm so proud to be a part of this.


Met up with one of my brides again who proudly showed lots of photographs taken on their special day. They were absolutely beautifully taken by Kaori Ando
My writing looks super elegant in those shots! And always nice to see a happy customer. Isn't it one of the main reason why we do calligraphy?


It is my friend's 40th Wedding Anniversary coming up this weekend. I have done once this poem for commission and I really liked the text and thought it suits for this occasion. I decided to do the same text but different format, as a book. I've seen some Joan Pilsbury's lovely books CSC and have been wanting to try make one. There are so many things I'm not sure about once I started, but managed to make a things shaping like a book...